Walk-behind Lawnmowers

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The Legacy 48VE is a premium quality electric start rear roller lawn mower designed for the homeowner looking for a mower which is easy to use whilst offering a high level of performance. Built on an aluminium cutter deck offering resistance against corrosion with the power provided by a reliable Briggs & Stratton 775IS InStart engine, this mower is built to last. The variable speed gearbox enables the user to set the drive speed to suit their comfort or mowing conditions whilst the perfect weight distribution over the roller ensures a clear stripe is left on the lawn

The Virtue 50 SV 4-in-1 four-wheel petrol rotary lawn mower offers a wider cutting width compared to the popular Virtue 46 SV and is ideally suited to medium to large gardens up to 2000 square metres.

The mower boasts variable speed drive so you can mow at a pace that suits you, making the machine easy to use, especially in gardens with undulating lawns.

The Weibang Virtue 46 SV is our new 20th Anniversary Edition model and is a multi-functional petrol lawn mower with the benefit of having wheel drive which is ideal for when mowing on slopes. The Weibang X140 engine provides reliable and effective power whilst the 4-in-1 function offers mulching, collection and side discharge options. Manufactured using heavy duty components which include an aluminium gearbox and drive wheels with double ball bearings, the Virtue 46 SV is built to last.

The new WB455SC push lawnmower with a Loncin Engine 1p65FE 139cc, steel deck, 19" Cutting Width, Self-Drive

Electric Models

  • for areas upto 8000m2
  • Forward speed: 8.6km/h
  • Cruise Control
  • Hydraulic Power 2-wheel steering
  • Hydraulic Power Deck Lift
  • Mower Deck Options
  • 42" Edge Mulch
  • 42" Accel
  • 12.2kW/3100rpm
  • Electric Deck Engagement
  • Twin Touch Foot Pedals
  • Deluxe Seat
  • Mulching Kit & Collection System Optional


Mulching provides your grass iwith natural fertiliser (grass clippings). This keeps lawns lush, fresh and healthy.

These mulching mowers are specially designed to clip the grass into fine enough sizes so that they can be returned to the ground.

As a bonus - there's no need to empty any grass bag- saving you time. And less need for artificial fertilisers which is kind to the environment and your pocket.


The Select Series of John Deere walk-behinds offer some impressive features.

The Aluminium Deck is robust and lightweight. It won't rust and the deck comes with an impressive 15 Year Warranty*

Most Select Series models use proven,reliable four-stroke ReadyStart Petrol engines so that even on chilly mornings the start straight away. This is due to the automatic choke system (so no priming and no choking).

The Select Series also a Bag Fill Level Indicator so you know when it is time to empty the bag before there are any spills.





John Deere offer an extensive range of walk behind lawnmowers so that there will always be the right one for you.

Features such as "Variable Speed" and "Electric Start" are availble that make these top of the range machines the best in the business.

John Deere has their patented TurboStar system which ensures a perfect ift of the grass.

Rear Roller models can provide that perfect striped appearance to your garden.

RUN Series

The RUN Series of John Deere Walkbehinds all have the following features:

  • Steel Deck
  • Easy adjustment of cutting deck height
  • Easy start with Ready Start Engine (no priming, no choking)
  • Single Speed self-propelled, meaning no manual pushing of the lawnmower
  • Rubber coated handlebar for added comfort and the height of the handlebar can be adjusted to suit  the individual
  • Textile grass bag allows improved airflow and a better filling ability

The Legacy 48 VB is a premium rear roller mower with blade brake clutch which allows the engine to continue to run, but disengages the blade enabling the grass collector to be emptied without having to restart the engine. The aluminium cutter deck offers durability and resistance against corrosion whilst the quality variable speed gearbox enables you to set the drive speed to suit your comfort. The adjustable cutting heights range from 13 - 67mm with the power provided by a reliable Briggs & Stratton 750EX DOV easy to start engine.


Scarifiers help to keep your garden looking green and healthy by removing what is known as "Lawn thatch" and moss to allow nutrients to find their way into the soil and root of the grass. Lawn Thatch is the accumulation of grass and plant clippings that accumulates between the blades of grass and stop the soil underneath receiving adequate water, air and nutrients which results in the grass looking unhealthy.

Scarifying can be done all year round if necessary but in general the best times to do this are late Spring and Autumn.

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