Petrol Select Series

TurboStar System

The TurboStar system is unique to John Deere Walk-behind mowers. It ensures that whatever the weather you will still get a precision cut and a great collection everytime.


The fan system works like a vacuum to draw grass blades straight before cutting them - even in damp weather. This "vacuum" also help collects leave on your garden.


After cutting, the vacuum blows the clippings into the bag and the TurboStar Signal alerts you when the bag is almost full.


The Select Series of John Deere walk-behinds offer some impressive features.


The Aluminium Deck is robust and lightweight. It won't rust and the deck comes with an impressive 15 Year Warranty*


Most Select Series models use proven,reliable four-stroke ReadyStart Petrol engines so that even on chilly mornings the start straight away. This is due to the automatic choke system (so no priming and no choking).


The Select Series also a Bag Fill Level Indicator so you know when it is time to empty the bag before there are any spills.