The Valiant is designed for the competitive owner who requires a horsebox to carry two horses combined with a spacious living area and overnight accomodation.


The unique three axle layout provides a more spacious living area than can normally be achieved in this style of vehicle.


The Valiant is fully fitted for overnight stays complete with comfortable seating, double bed, kitchen and a toilet area. The Valiant also has a tack locker as standard


The Valiant horsebox is powered by a 2.2L 150BHP HDI diesel engine and is very economical on fuel.


An EXCEL Pack can be fitted to this vehicle which includes some of the most popular extras to be fitted on to a Valiant.


Additional Extras are available but are subject to further cost (please enquire to get an estimate). These extras include:

  • Leather Cab Seats
  • Air Conditioning
  • Cruise Control
  • Horse Shower
  • TV & DVD Player



Price from £49,628.80 inc VAT, Delivery, Road Tax & Registration

The Valiant can be fitted with a Leisure Pack which includes:


  • No Speed Limiter
  • No Tachograph
  • No Mot for the First 3 Years
  • Ability to Use the Third Lane of the Motorway

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